#3.33 – The Studios’ Patrol

#3.33 - The Studios Are Watching
#3.34 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: London, UK

People often imagine that VFX work is done by a global network of freelance artists sitting at home. While this is technically possible and some small projects can be achieved this way, no film projects of any consequence are done this way.
This is because the images we work on are our client’s assets – they need to protect them zealously lest big reveals are spoiled, designs leaked, and to that end they run the companies through detailed audits, and you always know when they’re happening.
I understand it, although to date I am not aware of any film leak originating in a VFX house, it’s always someone with access to editorial who has the most opportunity to wreak havok. Nevertheless, we need to wear our badges, follow the protocols, jump through the hoops.

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