#3.24 – Post-Iceland Blues

This postcard was first published August 28th, 2012. #2.20 
Almost exactly one year ago. 

#2.20 - Post-Iceland Blues
#2.20 - back
sent from: London, UK. destnation: Annapolis, Maryland, USA

I woke up on Iceland sunrise time, only it wasn’t Iceland it was England and my head was heavy from not enough sleep and my throat was thick from the ever-threatening cold. Indigo, pissed off from having been left alone for a couple of days was mewling from the floor so I picked him up and he spread across my chest, purring sonorously. I had been dreaming about a bit of wish fulfillment, acceptance into a circle of people whose work I enjoy, and I wanted to be on the other side of that, granting an audience instead of begging for one. Instead of that, it was time to get up for work. London was warm and crowded. People seem to be resigned to the close of summer. School starts again soon.

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