#3.2 – I was eleven when the Titanic sank

#3.2 - I was eleven when Titanic sank
#3.2 - back
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A few events from the last 100 years to put the life of Salustiano Sanchez, the oldest man in the world, into a little context: 

– When the Titanic sank in 1912, he was 11 years old
– India gained Independence from the British in 1947, when he was a healthy 46 years old.
– When Man landed on the Moon, he was a pensioner of 68.
– At the advent of Pacman and the modern videogame, he was a respectable 79 years old.
– As the Mars Explorer Rover made its happy landing on the 4th planet in our solar system, Salustiano was 111.

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