#2.260 – On The Eve Of My Second Birthday

#2.260 - Two years old!
#2.260 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Gilmanton, New Hampshire

Another year of Postcardwala draws to a close.

Tomorrow I start year 3, and the number in the top corner will flip over. That’s 366+260 = 626 cards. 366 for Year 1 (one for every day of the leap year), 260 for Year 2 (one for every weekday, with a missed day in April).
I think the writing in the last couple of months has been my best and I want to continue in that vein, even though it has cost me some traffic through the site. It might just be the summer, or that I haven’t had the time to create the more popular comics, and I’ve stepped away from the more active vfx fray for a quieter stance.
I’m planning a re-design to the site to make it easier to browse, engage and comment, share and register postcards received. It’s not been easy to keep up the cards sometimes as many things have demanded attention. But, just when I’ve wondered if it’s worth it, I receive messages from readers saying how much they’ve enjoyed a card, or a donation to the postcard collection comes through the door, and I know I must carry on.
This is where you come in – your participation is crucial to keeping the project alive. I want to bring postcardwala to as wide an audience as possible, so please “LIKE”, or even better “SHARE” your favourites, on facebook or twitter

Here we go!


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