#2.257 – Frances Ha

#2.257 - Frances Ha
#2.257 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Burbank, California, USA

We saw “Frances Ha” tonight, a wonderful film by Noah Baumbach with Greta Gerwig as the clumsy dancer who “likes things that seem like accidents”, finding herself in flux in her late 20s, trying to make decisions like her other, seemingly ‘adult’ friends, and feeling it all elude her. Like Buffy, in the last episode of the wonderful tv show, stated, comparing herself to unbaked cookie dough – “I’m not DONE yet”. It was relatable to anyone in this modern world, where so much about our identities seems unknown later and later in life. The black and white cinematography in particular was gorgeous.
As we left the cinema I insisted on giving Maria a piggy-back ride to the car. Later, as we crossed the green, she tapped me and said – “Tag! You’re it” – and ran away. I tried to give chase. “I can’t run in these shoes,” I said. “They don’t grip the grass.”

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