#2.237 – A Dish Served Cold: Chapter 5

#2.237 - A Dish Served Cold, Chapter 5
#2.237 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Eagle Rock, California, USA
“A Dish Served Cold”: 5

Cuckold on Monday, dumped by Friday.
 New life, new hair. Buried hatred.
Drinking coffee I stare,
mouth agape. 
The man responsible, walking. I follow.

Dead man, heavier than broken heart.

I was reading “The Big Sleep” by Raymond Chandler, to whom I must give full credit for the closing line of this story “Dead men are heavier than broken hearts”, which I modified to fit within the six-word chapter restriction. I love it so much. 
I decided I wanted to build a new story with noir-ish overtones on that line. 
Think rain. Shadows. Secrets. Betrayal. Murder.
Hey that’s another six word novel right there!

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