#2.211 – Happy Birthday Brian!

#2.211 - Happy Birthday Brian!
#2.211 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

“So then I’m fightin’ a snake,” Vinnie said. “And I’m there with Angelina Jolie and Nicolas Cage and I’m fightin’ a giant snake, and I can’t believe my life.”

Vinnie, ‘Sir’ Vinnie, Mr Jones, raconteur, heavy with a heart of gold, misunderstood thug, was standing in his living room, freshly tatooed and shirtless. He was surrounded by his manager, his assistant, his wife, me, Dawn, you and Guy Ritchie who, as he answered his calls was teased by his friends asking if it was Madonna again (it was).
Vinnie postured, regaled, entertained, righting all the wrongs that had ever been said about him. He went on for hours as we cooed around him. It was Entourage cast by The Sun.
Aside from being my most “LA” story, something for which I will always owe you guys for, I remember Brian your ease with Vinnie. You weren’t fawning or over-awed, nor maintaining an ironic distance; you were genuine and warm.
I’d love to hear your recollection of that evening, and I hope you have a brilliant birthday.. I know this is just one of the many celeb stories you have!

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