#2.184 – Do You Really Want A Pantheon Of Gods?

#2.184 - Do You Really Want A Pantheon Of Gods?
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sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Earlsfield, London, UK

Last night at the British Museum we saw a statue of a multi limbed and headed deity, with a necklace of skulls. Atop each head was a skull and a smaller tier of heads with more skulls, the most macabre wedding cake.
In one hand was a tortoise. In another, a frog. In yet another, a shrunken head, held by its hair. Four hands were dedicated to holding two bowls, Oliver the orphan expecting his double helping up front.
Lastly, behind his heads, a human figure was held in extremis, one hand pulling hands, the other pulling feet, stretched like a bathtowel.
I wouldn’t have wanted to worship it.

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