#2.18? WHAAT?

As I was putting together the posts for the end of the week, I realised belatedly that I had completely omitted to write a card on Thursday.

Not by choice, or because I was too busy, but I completely forgot and didn’t realise it.

This is a big deal to no one but me, I would wager, but it’s the first time it has happened since the project began, almost 550 postcards ago. 

The first year I sent one every day, 366 in all (leap year!). This year, I decided to send one every weekday, leaving space on the weekends.

I used to write the postcards on the train every day. Now that we’ve been working from home, distinguishing the parts of the day and finding the time to write the postcards has been, paradoxically, more difficult. Having the freedom to make ones own schedule makes it difficult not to want to do everything always. 

Hello daytime TV. 

That’s a lie. I haven’t turned on the TV once.

I don’t really have anything profound to say, except to point it out. 

This missing pixel.

It’s always there.

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