#2.174 – Take Your Selfie To New Levels

#2.174 - Next Gen Selfies
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sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

Not too many years ago (let’s say about five) the sight of someone holding out a camera at arms length taking a photo of themselves and someone next to them would, if performed in a public space, inevitably make someone come over an say – “want me to take the photo for you?” Now, in the age of the selfie – the self portrait taken at arm’s length in the mirror, has become to ubiquitous, we don’t even blink twice when we see it happening. Clothed, nude, via snapchat, instagram, we yawn and move on. Some people think this is a bad thing, citing that there are over 90 million selfies on Instagram. So, how do you bring freshness and originality to the form? Why, include a dog taking a shit into your selfie. That’s what the creators of the tumblr dogshitselfie.tumblr.com think, anyway. There is an undoubted fascination looking at these photos of people with their faithful companions at their most vulnerable, looking utterly ashamed at the humiliation. Get ready for revenge should our furry companions ever figure out that whole opposable thumbs business.

One thought on “#2.174 – Take Your Selfie To New Levels

  1. Coincidentally, just yesterday while walking on the beach a visiting couple asked me to take their picture with the lovely sunset behind them. (In fact I get asked this fairly often by tourists despite the lack of proper fill lighting for such a setting.)

    Of course I told them no way was I working for free & that I was sick of their attitude expecting me to help finance their film. “Go vacation in Vancouver,” I shouted, “they have government subsidies!”



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