#2.152 – It’s Nothing Personal

#2.152 - It Isn't Personal
#2.152 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Earlsfield, London, UK

I didn’t get a job yesterday. Not the first time of course, but the first after what seemed like a great interview for a job that I knew I was supremely well qualified for. And we didn’t even get to talk money – they didn’t reply to my emails and I heard a few new people started there this week.
I listen to a lot of actor podcasts and they talk a lot about the audition process and your ability to get work is both out of your hands, nothing personal, and a pure numbers game – got to keep going for it.
Still, maybe it’s because of everything else going on – I was sure I had it, I needed it, and I return to it like a scab.

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