#2.146 – Found Astrology

#2.146 - Found Astrology
#2.146 - back (closed)
#2.146 - back (open)
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Greenbrae, California, USA
I have no idea what this means – I place no value in astrology – but the fact that someone would write this down neatly on a scrap of paper, note a couple key moments with exclamation points and then lose it tells a story of its own.

FOUND on the floor in the British Library:

NB! Sagittarius
“Creativity for you involves the spiritual side of life. You find pleasure in being inspired + in inspiring others to fulfill their greatest potential.. You see to blend your experience of the physical world, your educational process + your intuition into a spiritually pleasure, creative admixture.. You are able to envision the effect of your work on the world (!) and to transform creative energy into a spiritual tool.

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