#2.128 – Pasteurised Prepared Star Wars Product

#2.128 - Pasteurised Prepared Star Wars Product
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Because I’m another asshole with an opinion, I feel compelled to comment on the announcement of JJ Abrams as director for the new Star Wars film. Observant readers will remember I had declared a media blackout on the film, but given that both Twitter and Facebook melted down with the news, it was unavoidable. I give myself a pass for seeing the news, what I wont do is follow story links or delve any deeper.
Star Wars is product. Some people will say it always was, but now it is explicitly product, so Disney can brand a million things and sell them on. JJ Abrams is a competent director with a gee-whiz flair and a lot of love from nerd culture, but I think his work has no heart. His Star Trek film wasn’t about anything, it was just a bunch of action pieces strung together, and what I’ve heard about Star Trek 2 (Into Darkness) suggests the same is true. I’ve said it before – it may be Star Trek, but it aint my Star Trek. Same for Star Wars. The first 3 films are and always will be my films. I make no claims for the prequels – they satisfied a huge personal and professional dream, but as a fan they are nothing but disappointments. Star Wars belongs to Disney Shareholders now, and I have no doubt it will make them very, very happy.

2 thoughts on “#2.128 – Pasteurised Prepared Star Wars Product

  1. I really really wanted Joe Johnston to direct. I think he hits that “serial”-style action-movie tone (proven by Captain America, The Rocketeer, Hidalgo, Young Indy, etc.), and there's a certain amount of harmony to having someone who actually worked on the original trilogy direct (both from the “fate” perspective, as well as someone who's familiar with the original tone).

    Maybe he can do one of the future ones . . .


  2. Hey Jason,

    Yeah good point. I like Johnston too – Hidalgo is a favourite of mine, although his BO record is a little uneven.
    Plus, there's a different between contemporary nerd cred (Abrams) and 'vintage' nerd cred (Johnston).


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