#2.121 – With A Little Imagination..?

#2.121 - Innovation in Bookselling
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sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Ockham, Surrey, UK

There’s a neighbourhood village that has both a large record shop and a used bookshop, both unusual in 2013. Both are proudly old-school, no hipsters in either. In about a month, the bookshop will close, for all the reasons one expects. The LP shop is still going strong, according to the owner. “I sell loads of LPs. Loads of ’em.” The shop was empty while I was there, so I’m not sure if this is hyperbole. I couldn’t help but wonder, in the case of the bookstore, if it had been better organised, if you didn’t trip over a bunch of boxes as you walked in, if he was selling online, if he was offering an experience greater than mere nostalgia. It’s a relatively affluent area, people want used books, there’s no competition (except from the charity shops). I asked if he sold any books by local self-published authors – he showed me one, which if the cover was made with the same care as the contents, could not be very good. I know there are lots of writers and authors in the area – what if he offered something no other seller could – to be the source of local writers? Maybe I’m naive to think there’s still a place for that kind of shop, but with a little imagination.. it seems possible.

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