#2.106 – I’m Never Writing Another Coded Postcard Again

#2.106 - I'm Never Writing Another Coded Postcard Again
#2.106 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

Decode cypher: 20
Ekyzkxjge ck yrktz Inxozsgy Jge gz Sgxe-Pu’y hkptm lkg zaxoke ot g igzgzutoi, pkz-fgru ngfk. Sgxog xksotjy sk zngz znoy oy gryu nuc ck yvktz Zhgtoymobotm gz Kxot gtj Sgxoxuyk’y vrgik.
Ygtzg rklz g pkxe jkzgorkj tuzk lux Gtg gtj Krorogtu zngz rkz znks qtuc poyz nuc ngxj nk ngj hkkt cuxqotm gtj zu tuz joyzaxh znkox vgxktzy zuu kgxre.
(Ykk hrum lux lorr rkzzkx)
vy. ¡Intmxgzargzouty!!

The decoded text is below (highlight to see)

Yesterday we spent Christmas Day at Mary-Jo’s being fed Turkey in a catatonic, jet-lag haze. Maria reminds me that this is also how we spent Thanksgiving at Erin and Marirose’s place.
Santa left a very detailed note for Ana and Emiliano that let them know just how hard he had been working and to not disturb their parents too early.
(See blog for [the?] letter)
ps. ¡Congratulations!!

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