#2.83 – You’ve Got A Great Figure

#2.83 - You've Got A Great Figure
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sent from: Long Beach, California, USA. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

“You’ve got a great figure!” yelled the woman from her bicycle. We were out for a walk along Culver Blvd in the middle where a walking and biking trail ran. “Five more pounds and you’d be perfect.” Wait, what? I looked over at the smiling woman and said “Thank you”. “I AINT talkin’ to you! I’m talking to her!”, she pointed to Maria, indignant. We smiled and carried on walking. I thought it was harmless, silly, and the sentiment was nice, however inartfully she expressed it. When we relayed the story to our friends, they were practically ready to chase her down and beat her up. It was outrageous, unacceptable, so insulting! I just thought it was silly. Another five pounds and it’ll be perfect.

One thought on “#2.83 – You’ve Got A Great Figure

  1. I wonder where exactly the woman envisioned those 5 extra pounds going.

    Or maybe she mean £5.00.

    While skiing many years ago with a friend (“Jen”), a ski lift operator with a heavy Aussie accent looked straight at her and said, “Nice Shaaape”. Jen was kind of stunned, it was such a strong come-on from a stranger. But then he saw she was confused and said, “Your Shaaaape” and pointed. Sure enough, she had on her person a miniature stuffed sheep. And nice it was.


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