#2.60 – And yet, people still choose to reproduce

#2.60 - And yet, people still choose to reproduce
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sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Long Beach, California, USA

Yesterday I did something that I rarely do but those who have managed to reproduce (or those in their employ) do everyday – I spent time with children. Alone.
Specifically, my 8-year old niece and 5-year old nephew. What happened next is of surprise to no-one, but they pushed the limits. They tested, prodded, challenged, argued, negotiated, just straight out crossed the boundary I had laid out, took what they wanted, then looked back with a petulant air and said – well, what are you gonna do about it?
I tried to adopt a laissez-faire, chilled attitude about everything – let them guide whatever was happening, but when the scissors came out and there was the suggestion of some mutual stabbing about to happen, I decided I had to do something. I hope the police don’t give them too hard of a time.
ps. just kidding on the police thing.

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