#2.35 – When I Was Count Dooku (Part I)

#2.35 - When I Got To Be Count Dooku (part I)
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I’ve written before about how I almost was a Jedi in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Although it didn’t work out, I was now on the radar of the stage production staff.
It was towards the end of 2001, they called me over to the stage. “Could you pass for being 6’3″?”
I’m between 6’2″ and 6’3″. I put myself on tiptoes.
“We need someone to double Christopher Lee [Count Dooku] in a few shots.”
I tried not to lose it there and then. Count Dooku, the villain of this movie! With the amazingly cool, curved, schimitar-like lightsabre. And this wasn’t just a far away glimpse or a close-up, this was a full-on establishing shot, full costume, make-up, walking across the the screen. The make-up artist had the wig and beard that the stunt double used, and Christopher Lee’s costume. It fit me well. She worked for an hour putting it together. I felt like a Sith Lord. When I walked on stage I imagined a slight hush descended.. but that was more for the other star on stage that day – R2D2. There were just finishing up some close-ups of one of his mechanical arms. This R2 Unit was one of the few remaining that were built for the original Star Wars. I knelt down next to him and took a moment to say hello. I knew I would want to recall this moment for a very long time.. (cont. on 2.36!)

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