#2.33 – Chainring

I found out this week that it isn’t just through use or dirt or friction but the chain loosens with use, and it’s this process that leads to the wear on the chain ring teeth. Ahh.

#2.33 - Chainring? Cassette?
#2.33 - back
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You’d think I’d know what it’s called. It’s the bit on the bike with the teeth, the round bit that goes around the pushing the chain. I want to call it the chainring, but one part of my brain says it’s the cassette. Why not look it up on your phone? I know you’re wondering. “Google Mobile App can’t connect” it says. Anyway, that bit. It starts off shiny, sharp, grooves precisely defined for the chain to slip into and be carried around on their endless journey. The chain starts to get greasy, a little dirty, and the grains grind between the chain and the chain ring thingey. Thousands and thousands and thousands of times this happens. The teeth lose their sharpness, the grooves get duller, wider, their grip on the chain grows tenuous. Then one day with little fanfare, the chain will silently bid the ring adieu and slip, unbound , to the ground.

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