#362 – Which Planet Am I On

#362 - What Planet Am I On
#362 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

In a bubble recently, and yet, Forrest Gump style, finding myself in the heart of all the London action this summer. Is that the Olympic torch? Oh hey what are all these people doing here? So I was wondering at Marble Arch last night, cycling home after a punishingly long week trying to keep the great beast Gravity fed. I planned to skirt through Hyde Park – people were streaming in and out of the park. Was there a concert? Barriers were up. I came to a stop near a steward – “what’s going on?” I asked him. I might well have asked him what planet are we on. “Where are you trying to go?” I told him where. He pointed to a gap in the barriers. “Good luck bruther,” and smacked me on the shoulder.” I slowly negotiated the crowd, a mix of the families, tourists, young people, OH! The torch relay ceremony. I suppose that’s a thing too.

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