#360 – Supersized Gold Medals

It’s interesting when you do things from memory. Yes that’s supposed to be the Olympic rings on the card, but I messed up badly. Oops.

#360 - Supersized Gold Medal Meals
#360 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Wellington, New Zealand

Met someone the other night working at the Olympics for Australian television. He told me a tale about the corporate sponsorship, specifically McDonalds who, as part of their deal, have mandated that no fries/chips that are not McDonalds can be sold in the Olympic Village, and that it’s difficult to buy food that isn’t McDonalds. Also, Coke is the other main sponsor. You have to wonder about a world where organisations with such polar opposite goals (the Olympics and fast food/soda companies) come together in glorious corporate union. Can I supersize that gold medal?

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