#298 – Pale Calves

#298 - Pale Calves
#298 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Madrid, Spain

Heat comes to London. Everyone thinks summer has arrived. Don’t be fooled, she’ll cheat on you so fast.. used to be boots stepping in front your bike wheels, now it’s sandals and flip flips. Red faces, pale calves explosed, shapeless like white asparagus.
Heat grows in the office, want to lie in front of the A/C unit. But you used to live in California. Yeah, but it wasn’t as hot as you think, and they had air conditioning.

3 thoughts on “#298 – Pale Calves

  1. hehe, you spelt Sandals (thing's you put on your feet) as Sandles (My surname), never seen it done that way, I'm more used to people spelling my surname as thought it were the things you wear!

  2. Ahh dammit you're right. I looked at the word and thought – “something's wrong with that, but I can't figure out what it is.” Dangers of posting early in the morning!

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