#277 – Daydreams

#277 - Daydreams
#277 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: London, UK

I had a moment at work today, a sort of lucid day-dream that occasionally hits me, where I take some action and I see the results spin out in front of me. This time, I imagined going bonkers and having a meltdown, yelling at people around me, throwing the computers and monitors off. Seeing people laugh, I would feel shame at my ridiculousness, which would only make me angrier and I would smash their computers also. I would tell everyone they were idiots and phoneys and then.. and then, the moment would pass, and I would leave behind a mess that others would need to deal with, my gut a knot of anger and my face red with embarrassment. The next day I would come back knowing that no-one would take me seriously again.. and I would have some explaining to do. I love my daydreams.

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