#274 – The Production Strikes Back

#274 - The Production Strikes Back
#274 - back
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The project has entered the difficult middle chapter of production. It’s The Empire Strikes Back of the show – it’s going to be a downer, an uncertain conclusion before the Ewoks come along to cheer us up in the end. The assumptions we made when putting the schedule together are being tested and thrown out the window and the production is either trying to wrestle the beast or put its head into the sand and hope everything works out. We’re heading bleary-eyed and tired into the cave of Degobah, certain to find and destroy our enemy and solve our problems, only to find that the problem is.. US. We can’t lift the ship out of the swamp, it’s too big. But the director has our friends hostage, he says he’ll turn them over to the bounty hunter if we don’t show him work, so we have to go face him even if we’re not ready. I hope Alfonso doesn’t start dailies by saying “I am your father“, that would take this analogy too far. Still, I feel as though I may lose a hand before this show is over. NOOOOOOO THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!!

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