#267 – In Order To Provide The Best Possible Service

#267 - In Order To Provide The Best Possible Service
#267 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Austin, Texas, USA

A number of years ago I bought my own health insurance. If you didn’t know, having health insurance in the USA is a Big Deal, I don’t know why exactly. It’s a longer topic than I can fit into this postcard. It was affordable, seemed ok, it was all good. Then, within 2 months of getting it, and every month after that I received a letter saying – “hey, our costs are going up, so we’re just going to reduce what we cover but you still pay the same, and it’s all cos we want to give you the best service, kthxbye.” One day in frustration I called them, and demanded to know WHAT costs, HOW, show me numbers. The call centre robot, sorry, person just trying to make a living, could offer me no comfort. I’ve often wondered how companies act in ways that are unimaginable by people face to face. Imagine if I went to work one day and said – hey, my rent’s gone up, and my TV bill is through the roof this month, sooo, instead of you paying me more, and so that YOU can keep receiving the BEST POSSIBLE service, I’m going to do you a favour and not work Fridays, but you still pay me what you’re doing right now. K BYEEEEE.

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