#238 – Betrayal

#238 - back

#238 - Betrayal
sent from: London, UK. destination: Brooklyn, New York, USA

I made a huge purchase this week; my first digital camera – a Canon 5D Mk II. This is big because I have been and hope to remain a proponent of film. I bought it for practical reasons; I hope to make a little money with photography but if I stick stubbornly to film I’ll be at a disadvantage. Still, it feels like a betrayal ~ I want to turn off the preview the camera gives you of the photo you just took, lock access to the image for 6 days, have random clusters of images go missing or have artifacts. It’s almost as though.. as though, there was a way to send a postcard through the air like magic, immediately at the speed of light. Imagine that!

A selection of new photos below, more of which can be found here.

Heading Out Of The Underground
Thug Goes For A Walk
Esher Woods
Waiting For The Light To Change
Guards' Memorial
Clapham High Street

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