#203 – A Very Pheasant Weekend

#203 - A Very Pheasant Weekend
#203 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Earlsfield, London, UK

Concluding our weekend in the Suffolk countryside (if I wanted to start my pheasant business, that is the place to go), we stood on a freezing cold beach looking out to the North Sea. I lay on the pebbly beach and took photos from the ground level. Discovery: pebbles are not as uncomfortable as you’d think to lie on, and a lot less messy than sand. We went to an antiques shop in Yoxford where I bought a number of vintage photographs and postcards (such as this one) to include in the poscardwala project. We didn’t go near Lavenham but I liked the look of this house. It reminds me, funnily enough, of the famous “witches house” in Beverly Hills, all steep roofs (rooves? like hooves?) and crooked angles.

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