#187 – Paper Cinema Odyssey

sometimes I wish I could completely rewrite a card. This is one of those times. 
suddenly word count: 1
needlessly repeated word: astonishing

#187 - Paper Cinema Odyssey
#187 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Barnes, London, UK
A man sketches something, painting in fact. It looks like an arrow, as other lines fill it out, suddenly it’s the face of a bearded man. As he does so, the projector sends it to the large screen in front of the audience. Beside the man he painted the face of a woman; these were the characters in the tale of Homer’s Odyssey that the Paper Theatre [JL – should be the Paper Cinema] told in their astonishingly inventive and beautiful play. Gorgeous black and white images were puppeteered and projected. The astonishing thing was the use of the camera, though static, by careful positioning and moving of the drawings, a sense of a moving camera was conveyed beautifully – fast action, soaring through spaces, looking through windows to see fully developed worlds through ~ try to catch it before it ends at the of February [at the Battersea Arts Center]. I didn’t know a lot of the details of Homer’s Odyssey, so some parts were like beautiful yet abstract tableaus. Still, it was amazing. At the end, the main artist sold us his painting of the man and woman – here it is:
#187 - extra
Penelope and Odysseus, the puppeteer painted them at the start of the show.

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