#146 – A beggar is for life, not just for Christmas

#146 - Begging Mafia
#146 - back
sent from: Agripada, Bombay, India. destination: Newport Beach, California, USA
You should not read anything into my choice of this card, The Beast of Revelation, on Christmas Eve, and also the eve of our wedding reception. 
My family arrives today; I have no doubt they will enjoy India and appreciate it, adapt quickly to the rougher side of things. Still, I want to see their reactions, and enjoy the first glimpses that they get of the madness around them, and the endless cacophony of hoots, horns, claxons, calls, screeches, buzzers, fireworks, drums, prayers and pleads. 
We’ve told them not to give in to the begging children, as evidenced by the headline in the week’s Mumbai Mirror: “crackdown on begging Mafia helps parents find missing child.

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