#117 – The Girl and The Moon

#117 - The Girl and The Moon
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sent from: London, UK. destination: Bombay, India
There once was a girl who fell in love with the moon. It shone so bright on her when she stole out to pick flowers after sunset. But she couldn’t reach the moon to give it her flowers, no matter how far on her tiptoes she would stand. So she flapped her arms, gently at first, and then more vigorously, and she lifted, lifted into the air, high into the sky, the earth receding away until she could reach out her hand and touch the moon’s face. She gave the moon her flowers and it shone even more brightly. She asked the moon to come home with her, and the moon agreed, as it had also fallen in love with the girl and her flowers. “But who will shine at night?” wondered the moon. “I will,” answered the cat, the big black cat who lived on the far side of the moon, slinking out of his happy hiding place. “I’ve always wanted to shine at night.” And so the moon went to live with the girl, and the cat stayed in the sky. And that’s why, when you look up at night, you might see two bright, yellow, occasionally blinking moons shining down from the dark sky.

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