#112 – Dancing In The Streets

#112 - Dancing In The Streets
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sent from: Esher High Street, Surrey, UK. destination: London, UK

Today is election day in Spain. The Partido Popular (Popular Party) are likely to win, just because they promise change, recovery, blahblahblah. When I was in Madrid earlier this week (see card #108), I saw many people canvassing, handing out flyers and animated discussions about the state of this or that. Standing alongside the flyer hander-outers were men with large [sandwich] boards promising to buy your gold at the best price ~ loudly and emphatically. One man with a board, a large black man, had the board resting on his large frame so that from the side his shape described a giant “A”. He was talking and laughing with his friend, another huge man who looked like an overfilled water balloon with legs. So that they could stand near enough to each other to talk over the din of the city streets, the water-balloon man leaned his stomach against his friend’s board and they swayed in unison like two waltz dancers, board to belly, looking up and down the street laughing.

This card is going to the artist responsible for the cat artwork on missives #34, #65 and #106. Thank you Galia!

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