Missive #110 – What A Lovely–Arrggh!

Missive #110 - Such A Gorgeous.. Arrggh!
Missive #110 - back
sent from: Waterloo Station, London, UK. destination: Venice, California, USA

I wonder if the people led to be sacrificed on this great Pyramid, ever thought to themselves “wow, it is SUCH a pretty pyramid at night! No, wait, what are you doing, I need my heart where it is… arrrrrrrrrggggh!!”

From what I’ve heard, its a case where our imaginations fall short of the amount and level of brutality levelled against the people sacrificed in tribute. I wonder if anyone adopted a casual “ah, you got me fair-and-square guv’nor, can’t argue with you on this one, I guess I just have to tear my heart out and leave it.. where? Oh, I give it to you? Well, I enjoyed it while it lasted, take good care of it. I’m sure it’ll make a good tribute. Cheerio!” /dies

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