Missive #109 – The Dream Is Real

Missive #109 - A City Folds Into Itself
Missive #109 - back
sent from: Waterloo Station, London, UK. destination: Mortimer Street, London, UK

This photo, taken yesterday in Madrid, makes me feel as though the streets are bending in on themselves; turning, lifting, folding, Inception-style, into a tight sealed box.
Hey, come to think of it, if the streets did fold into themselves as they did in that film, where did the light come from afterwards??? As Hitchcock said, when challenged to answer where the camera came from that was filming the lone survivors in a lifeboat, replied – “You tell me where the orchestra is, playing the music, and I’ll tell you where the camera is.” i.e. shut up and enjoy the movie.

┬áThis card is going to the person who was responsible for said-folding city imagery in Inception. He has his own clever answer to the ‘where is the light coming from?’ question, but I ask it to prod him ‘cos it’s fun.

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