Missive #92 – A City Transformed

Missive #92 - A City Transformed
Missive #92 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Mill Valley, CA, USA

Postcard reads:

After being chased by zombies (see Missive #88) and having our faces painted with rich red blood, we had to hop on the Tube to find our way home. I sat on the train, hood drawn over my pale, red-streaked face.

Not too much going on up there

Maria sat opposite me. Next to each of us was someone else – a man to my side and a woman to Maria’s. They saw our makeup but made a good show of ignoring us, pretending it was nothing.

Zombie Maria

Putting on my best vacant hungry stare, I slowly turned my head to my neighbour. I thought it was pretty creepy, but it drew giggles from Maria and the woman beside her. Maybe laughter is better than the alternative, fear.

It was fun to be transformed, and see that transformation reflected in the eyes of the people around us. The day after, makeup washed off, on the way into work, looking out on the city, the transformation remained, the city was different, and I with it.


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