Missive #61 – Shapes and Sizes

Missive #61 - Shapes and Sizes

Missive #61 - back
sent from: The High Street, Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Culver City, California, USA
Text on the card:

– Have you seen the…?
– I have!
– And did you?
– What was it like?
– You remember that thing?
– Of course.
– Like that.
– NO!
– I mean it!
– But how did you ..?
– Like this.
– Oh. My. God.
– I know.
– OH. MY. GOD!

Brasa Brasil Grill (now sadly closed) was a very nice down-to-earth Brazilian restaurant and churrascaria that we enjoyed for my birthday in 2009. I was introduced to it by the wonderful Erin and Marirose a little earlier in 2008, when I was going through a rough patch in life. Somehow that place, with them, felt like a refuge from the madness that had threatened to engulf me. It was also a wonderful reminder of the great cheap restaurants that LA has to offer.

When it came time to pick a place to enjoy with friends for my birthday the following year, I had to go there. Out of that was born our Supper Club, a dining club where we got together with friends to sample as many of the great cheap eats (normally ethnic food) that were available. 

Over the next two years we covered LA from East (Taiwanese food at Indian in San Gabriel) to West (Santa Monica Vietnamese at Saigon), North (Turkish Iskender in Reseda at Sako’s) to South (Westchester Burmese food, Mutiara). We tried to keep it under $20 a head, and with only a few exceptions managed to meet that goal. It brought our diverse groups of friends into contact and I got to know Maria’s friends far better than I could have otherwise. It was a celebration of where we lived, the diversity of Los Angeles people and a great reason to get out of work to be reminded of the importance of ones friends. 

The club continues on in our absence, but we have yet to start the London equivalent. I didn’t think this was going to be another missive to how much I missed LA, but somehow here we are again. Dammit.

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