The Postcard Project #18 – Man On A Mission

sent from: Mortimer Street, London, UK. destination: Madrid, Spain

   This is one of a series of cards from La Purisima Mission, bought most likely in late 1998, when I took a few days off after working on Babe: Pig In The City (a film whose dark tone has collected a cult following since its release). The mission and its grounds had been meticulously restored, giving the visitor as close to an authentic experience of what life must have been like in the 1800s in California.

   One of the pleasures of the Missions is to see the artifacts from Spain of the era. In those moments I was both transported to the country I missed so much as well as given a window into another time, an inkling of what it must have felt like to be truly far from home, on the other side of the world. In those moments the 12-hour plane ride to Europe seeming less like a endurance test and more like the truly miraculous thing it is when compared to the months spent on a boat crossing the oceans.

    After talking about it for a few days, Maria and I have started our first twitter account: WhatDidIndigoDo, which we hope to fill with tall tales and adventurous asides.

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