#3.19 – You Stick With Your Tribe

#3.19 - You Stick With Your Tribe
#3.19 - back
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The Kobayashi Maru is a test of character, Kirk says, the no-win scenario is one everybody may face. Except of course, Kirk himself, who reprograms the simulator because he doesn’t believe in the no-win scenario.
I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to change the conditions of the test.Indigo is, fundamentally healthy. Maybe the vet will tell me differently this afternoon. That he cannot walk should not, in this day of cat and dog wheelchairs, be the end of all hope. I don’t know if I’m unable to accept the reality of the situation, or if I’m simply proposing a solution that is less common in the UK than the USA, and therefore viewed skeptically.
I’ve referred to Indigo as my pet, my cat, but that doesn’t express his place in our lives. Of course he is not human, but we – me, Maria, Indigo, form a little unique tribe. We are his humans. You don’t abandon a member of your tribe.
If they need carrying, you bear them where they need to go.

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