#2.209 – Paul Verhoeven

#2.209 - Paul Verhoeven
#2.209 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Lake Forest, California, USA

Paul Verhoeven is a name known to any scifi film fan of the 80s and 90s. Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers; his stylised, hyper gory and subversive commentaries on humans in fascisistic (sp?) societies are in contrast to the bland corporate remakes the millennials are being served for entertainment today.

One day, when he was finishing work on “Hollowman” I bumped into him at the cafe. Not wanting to pass up what I suspected (and so far remains true) would be a once in a lifetime opportunity, I said good morning, introduced myself and told him how much I enjoyed his films. Seemingly genuinely moved, he launched into pouring out his frustrations over the completion of Hollowman and how he hoped he would never do anything so difficult ever again. He said it was nice to start the day with positive words, whereupon I wished him luck and we went on our separate ways.
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