#2.172 – It Is Possible

#2.172 - It Is Possible
#2.172 - back
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I haven’t written much about VFX recently, aside from my VFX Comics, which I hope to continue. For a long time there were only a few voices, mine included, now there’s a din of people yelling about their issue and how we should assert our power. I want to add something substantive instead of just being one more yelling voice.
Apart from anything, the whole thing is just so heartbreaking. As I write this I don’t know the outcome of the R+H auction, but it was John Hughes’s last week as President of that company, that unusual, groundbreaking, flawed, inspiring place, that gave me my start. He showed me that people in this field, a leader, need not place his own ego above others. That you could have a vision without yielding a club to execute it. A man driving his barely-working car to work and parking it in the farthest spot from the building. A man who would open the books on the company and tell it like it is.
Everyone would tell me such a man couldn’t exist at this level, and I say now what I said then.
He is true.
It is possible.

2 thoughts on “#2.172 – It Is Possible

  1. I hear you Steven.

    It is true that Rhythm and Hues's management has been – unusual, let's say, occasionally dysfunctional, and I think there's room to debate if its success over the years was in spite of, rather than because of that. But I don't really want to get into that at this present time.

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