#2.164 – Start New Game, or Journey Onward?

This card is inspired by the announcement a week ago about the game “Shroud of the Avatar”, Richard Garriot’s return to the world of fantasy RPGs. 

#2.164 - Start New Game or Journey Onward?
#2.164 - back
sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Bielefeld, Germany

20-something years ago I obsessively played the “Ultima” Role Playing games on my Commodore-64. It was but one expression of my nerdy interests in fantasy, gaming, video-games, stories, other worlds. This experience was not unique, although very few people around me shared these interests, so I generally kept them to myself.
My chosen fields of study and work attracted others like me, so I’ve found myself as an adult surrounded by like-minded people, something that has been very gratifying.
What I could not have predicted is that these ideas about gaming and story have managed to permeate the culture; from zombie-chase running apps, to city-wide treasure hunts, to immersive free-roaming location specific theatre.
I found “Ultima IV” available free on gog.com the other day. I fired it up, suited up my character, and went off exploring.

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