#2.123 – Tienes Cosas?

#2.123 - Tienes Cosas?
#2.123 - back

sent from: Esher, Surrey, UK. destination: Birmingham, UK

I haven’t written much about “Cosas Industries“, the company Maria and I started. It’s difficult because it would be impossible to synthesise it on a postcard – plus it’s mostly the ‘boring stuff’ in starting a business – writing a business plan, figuring out the infrastructure, going to a lot of seminars, creating the logo and website. I write about it now because we face some imminent decisions – what exactly are we going to focus on? How much money will we need to raise, and how are we going to raise it? A lot of this is far outside my comfort zone but that’s good, yet I find myself struggling with my risk-averse self in making some of these initial decisions. These are probably not the things an entrepreneur should be talking about – everything should be bright and shiny – but then regular postcard readers know me better than that, I hope.

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