#2.87 – Can you go home again? (Or at least to ILM?)

#2.87 - Can you go home again?

#2.87 - back
sent from: Fort Bragg, California, USA. destination: Venice, California, USA

In the emotional rollercoaster that has been our California trip so far, nothing was quite as intense as our visit to the ILM building in the Presidio.
“Seeing you brings back lots of memories of Episode III,” said one person. “You were the guy saying ‘we can’t do that’, and then you’d do it.” She prodded me as she said it. It was nice, I think.
Many people stopped me in the hallways and we exchanged hugs, double take looks and the repeated question – “Are you back?”
It’s hard not to be wowed by so much love and good feelings, or to not want to live in that moment forever, but as with every moment in the trip, everyone is making an effort and going out of their way to spend time with us. If we were living here again, it would be different; the routine would set in quickly.
Still, compared to almost every place I’ve ever worked the Presidio is freaking gorgeous.

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