#2.56 – My Friend Amy On The Train

I could have titled this “How The Other Half Lives”, a sharp contrast from yesterday’s postcard detailing the most recent job-bomb to explode in our midst, coming from a casual conversation with this nice person on the train.

#2.56 - My Friend Amy On The Train
#2.56 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

Why are you sensitive about the Americans?“, asked Amy. “Are you a Yank or something?
“Yes, I’m American.”
Well you don’t sound it. At all. You didn’t lose your accent over there. I mean they’re alright, they’re nice, but a bit full on. I couldn’t deal with it tonight.

Amy was sharing her McDonald’s fries with me, one of the rare times a conversation strikes up between strangers on a train in the UK.

You wouldn’t think I worked in the City, eating my McDonalds. I’ve only had 3 glasses of wine. I’m not drunk.” She was. “Yeah, I made the President’s club at work, they’re sending me first class to Hawaii. I made a big sale, so, yeah. I couldn’t give a shit about it though, my job.”

“Now that’s something no one will ever do for me in my job.” I said ruefully.

Amy looked at me with bloodshot eyes and smiled. “Well you’re at the wrong company aren’t ya?
I wanted to explain that the nature of the business of her employer, a massive IT giant, and that of lowly VFX company are very different, but I just smiled back and finished off the fries.

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