#2.54 – Freefalling

#2.54 - Freefalling
#2.54 - back
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One bit of anti-common sense physics that used to make my brain hurt is that the apparent state of weightlessness in space is no such thing, but that the astronauts and their vessel are falling (or, most of the time, traveling in orbit) at the same rate.
I think it’s still hard to get your mind around this when just about every bit of space footage with people in it involves them bouncing around inside a tin can playing with suspended water droplets, or floating around outside during a space walk seemingly unaffected by gravity.
Well, no more. The best part of Felix Baumgartner’s plummet from the upper atmosphere to Earth was that it showed unambiguously that gravity is still very much at play, despite almost being in space. That, and the earth is round.
Now I wonder what was holding his capsule steady before he jumped, or perhaps it was still ascending but without a static frame of reference it was impossible to see.
In any case, it was really cool.

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