#2.48 – Gravity, One Last Version

#2.48 - Gravity, One More Version
#2.48 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Randwick, UK

The lift doors opened on a dark, open plan office. I pushed a button and watched the light flicker and swell like an orchestra tuning up. I had passed the cleaning crew on my way in. I had to be in early to finish of the last shot and have it ready for dailies. It was the last day of our team’s work on ‘Gravity’ and like on the last day of school we hoped to play games and goof off. Of course there were still numerous problems and we spent the day putting “one more version” together. For some it would be the last day working together, we shook hands and said our thank yous. One of my team, a man of Japanese descent, gave me a bow. As they stepped into the rainy evening I stayed at the puzzle, waiting for the last render to finish. Hours later, the office quiet again, I hit the lift call button and, when it arrived, turned off the lights.

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