#2.11 – Nighttime Ride

#2.11 - Nighttime Shadows
#2.11 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: Earlsfield, London, UK

Wide, empty surburban streets. I love watching my shadow from the alternating streetlights left, right, left, right, stretch from behind me, chasing, a projection of negative space onto the ground, sweep in front me, fade. On and on. Empty, but for me and my breath and the clatter of the pedals and the chains and that sound in the gears whose origin I have yet to figure out, click, click, click, I can feel it in my feet. Just me and the foxes, out for their nightly excursions – streaking in red stripes across the road. We both need to get on and finish our business – it’ll be light soon, and we need the dark.

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