#221 – Gettin’ Coffee with George Lucas

#221 - Gettin' Coffee with George Lucas
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The first time I met George Lucas was at ILM inside Javva The Hutt, the small coffee stand inside a temporary-looking .. hut where everyone including George got their morning coffee. I say meet, but it was more of a casual encounter, the proper meet was a different day and a story for a diff[erent] postcard. I was standing in line, doing the morning casual coffee-line conversation. Then I was aware of a presence, plaid shirt, jeans, and there he was. I can’t explain why but I am someone who completely loses control around celebrities, no matter how minor. Whole focus goes to them, I can’t think, my mouth dries up and I become utterly self-conscious. And here was not just a celebrity but GEORGE FREAKIN’ LUCAS himself. My heart was pounding, I didn’t dare turn around and I felt myself clam up. I got my coffee, turned around, and as I passed I said “Good Morning”, and George smiled and said “Good Morning.”
I talked about it for weeks.

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  1. My favorite George @ Javva encounter- Henry Preston was joking with Michael as he paid and said “This one's on George.” Then a voice from the back of the line piped up “Oh, really?” Yup, there he was 🙂 Henry said “Thanks, George!” and cut out of there quick. But he paid before he left 🙂

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