#208 – Friday night at the Turbine Hall

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sent from: London, UK. destination: Los Angeles, California, USA

The warmer, almost spring-like weather has brought out the crowds and London is a bustling, busy place again. Too busy, too bustling. The Friday night pub crowds spill onto the streets and blithely wander into the path of the bicycles; the tourists never seem to let up. Add the theatregoers (Shrek: The Musical, really?) crowding in to see The Mousetrap [for the umpteenth time] and it’s a chaos that a cyclist need to negotiate carefully.
Crossing Blackfriars bridge we saw a woman on her old style bike. She had a fur coat and fantastic heeled boots on, an old-style hat and, sticking out of the collar of her coat, a wrapped red rose. Brilliant. In front of her, a man on a Boris bike, full tweed suit and his umbrella closed up sitting across his basket so that it protruded a foot on either side. Fantastic.
We sit in the massive turbine hall of the Tate Modern and soak in Tacita Dean’s amazing, mesmerising film, projected into the massive space.

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