#179 – Even Dreaming I Am Obsessed With Facebook

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#179 - Dual Dreams
#179 - back
sent from: London, UK. destination: DeKalb, Illinois, USA

As work pressure increases my sleep becomes cracked and fragmented, dreams troubled and restless. In one I am living in California again, and need to borrow a car from people who are involved in drug deals and worse. Leaving the car for a weekend I return to find the police have seized it and are selling it for parts right there on the spot, in order to pay for a massive fine that I now owe them. Despite this I still owe about $10,000; worse, I have to go tell the drug dealers that I no longer have their car. I know this is news that they wont tolerate. In another, I am in the private residence at the White House, and come across the Obamas entertaining a guest. They invite me to join them. They are warm, friendly, smart, engaging; a fantasy to please this semi-liberal’s heart. Their children are numerous, a mix of ages and confusingly races too. After, with hugs exchanged with both of them, I asked their white older teenaged daughters if there’s a private way out of the there. They show me the through the gardens, a sprawling complex of grass fields where children play. At the edge is a clothes shop, a famous youth brand. I go in and the girls help me pick out a new outfit. All I can think is: I can’t wait to put this on facebook. And then I wake up.

2 thoughts on “#179 – Even Dreaming I Am Obsessed With Facebook

  1. Flames are like dreams because when they are over you have nothing but memories and gladness they are over.

    I am a great fan of dreams lately too and flames in confined spaces.

    In one of my dreams I dreamt that grade school kids had taken over the news station and were giving the announcements. They were using toy props for the stories as they were telling them.

    In another there was a little powerful man who was responsible for all the shipping lanes from here to the rest of the world. I think I am watching too much Dr Who.

  2. Anonymous – I am tempted to think you are the same Anonymous who wrote Shakespeare's plays, your comments are far too eloquent. Is it you, KG?

    If so, I'm sure you're more interested in Amy Pond than the Dr.


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