#143 – 99%

#143 - 99%
#143 - back
sent from: GPO, Bombay, India. destination: Wellington, NZ
The 99% takes on a new meaning in Bombay, which throws that of the UK and USA into sharp relief. Still, I think you can’t judge something out of context, or from standards that are way out of whack. I’m sure there’s a better way to express that but my brain isn’t yielding the words. Whether it’s the Arab Spring, stalled and polarised political systems, people in charge sending the police and army against their citizens, while their friends gamble away everyone else’s money… 
Still what the Indians have in common with the 99% is that people are demanding more than just growth and money from their institutions; they want things they can trust, non-corrupt officials, promises that will be kept, a genuine voice in the decisions that are made by their governments, sustainable policies, a roof over their head that wont be taken away from them when they need it the most, affordable education and a job after they do everything the governments says they should to be good productive citizens…

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